ZIPS Car Wash is collaborating with Welcomemat, a data driven marketing firm, to launch ZIPS Fundraising to champion schools, non-profits, youth sports, and 501 (3) organizations. Through Welcomemat, organizations set their time frame and goal amount and ZIPS gives 50 percent of each wash sold through their unique fundraiser event link as a weekly direct deposit to support their financial goals.

“ZIPS digital fundraising platform opens up a new pathway for schools, churches, sports teams, and other organizations to raise money for important causes by selling car washes,” said Brian Mattingly, president, Welcomemat. “The simplicity of sharing a link to purchase a car wash electronically and tracking the sales to the fundraising goal is completely automated. This modern automation eliminates barriers around fundraising and makes it easy for any organization to use ZIPS and Rocket as their fundraising partner.”

The Welcomemat Fundraiser Platform was built specifically for the car wash and automotive industry to cut through the red tape that once existed for fundraising in these industries. Gone are the days of hand washing cars to raise support. The simplicity of sharing a link to purchase a car wash electronically is supported by more than 280 ZIPS Car Wash locations across the country, including their sister brand, Rocket Express Car Wash, which offers five mega wash locations in Idaho and Utah.  

“We’re thrilled to bring fully automated fundraising to our loyal customers as a hyper-local initiative to connect with schools, teams, and organizations in our back yards across the country,” said Gene Dinkens, ZIPS Car Wash CEO. “It’s our hope to expand the program to our 12 store Jet Brite brand later this year, which serves customers across Chicagoland.”