Zep Vehicle Care Inc., a leading provider of car wash chemistry, has named EverWash Inc. as their preferred unlimited wash club partner. Under this new partnership, and starting in the Northeast, Zep will promote and provide the EverWash membership sales, marketing, and subscription management platform to their car wash customers, helping them substantially increase wash volume and revenue.

“We found that customers with successful membership programs were washing more cars, using more chemicals, and increasing their profits,” Greg Heyer, chief commercial officer for Zep Vehicle Care said in the statement announcing this value add-on for the company.

“Just like Zep’s industry-leading chemistry and soaps help wash operators produce the cleanest vehicles possible, our membership sales and subscription management platform provides the surest, quickest route to more members, more profit, and the most comprehensive membership solution in the industry,” said John Cassady, EverWash CEO.

For more information about Zep Vehicle Care, please visit ZepVehicleCare.com. Please visit MoreWashProfits.com for more information about EverWash.