SONNY’S The CarWash Factory

Tamarac, Florida

Forward thinking professional car wash investors and owner/operators partner with Sonny’s because of their leadership, reliability, and expertise. Sonny’s education and software products support profitability and its conveyorized car wash innovations, parts, and supplies keep your business growing.

What’s New/ Best Seller • Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers.

Advantages/Features • The dryers prevent condensation which can cause freezing in air-operated equipment, including air lines and mac valves. Dryer features include: built-in wall mount bracket; separator; automatic drain system; visual water alarm indicator; and an 115v AC with power cord.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • SONNY’S The CarWash Factory,
5605 Hiatus Road,
Tamarac, FL 33321.
(954) 720-4100.
Toll free: (800) 327-8723.
Fax: (954) 779-2484.
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Airlift Doors Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Airlift Doors has been a leader in the commercial door business for over 30 years. The company has been manufacturing air powered door openers since 1979 and polycarbonate doors since 1991.

What’s New/Best Seller • Powerglide Door Opener.

Advantages/Features • The Powerglide opener is designed with corrosion resistant components and made for high volume use. The operator is belt driven and has a three-year unconditional warranty. Connecting directly to the door, it provides a safe, secure operation that will never jump door cables. Its hard coat aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware are built to last through harsh car wash environments.

Customer/Operator Support • A strong distributor network is set up across the United States, in addition to a limited number of distributors overseas. Technical support is available 24/7.

Contact • Airlift Doors Inc.,
4700 Osseo Road,
Minneapolis, MN 55430.
(612) 529-1000.
Toll free: (888) 368-4403.
Fax: (612) 588-7660.


Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Hydro-Spray is a full-service car wash equipment provider and manufacturer. The company offers more than equipment and supplies that customers demand; it provides the service and support to make it all work.

What’s New/Best Seller • SubZero Anti-Freeze System.

Advantages/Features • SubZero is a combination of the latest technology, industry standard components, and a pre-engineered plug-and-play design for protecting exposed fluid lines from freezing. A programmable logic controller uses ambient temperature to monitor certain inputs and provide customized output to a fluid and air solenoid arrangement. The combination of air and anti-freeze purges fluid filled lines free of freezable liquids and protects them from freezing. Equipped with Fail Safe Protection, should system components fail the unit will detect the malfunction and enable city water weep and then automatically detect when the failure is resolved and continue its normal operation.

Price • Call to request a quote.

Contact • Hydro-Spray Wash Systems Inc.,
511 Spruce Street Suite 1,
Clearfield, PA 16830.
Toll free: (800) 528-5733.
Fax: (888) 223-4835.

Pantron Automation Inc.

Belmont, North Carolina

Pantron Automation Inc. offers high quality photoelectric sensors for applications in the vehicle wash industry. Products include infrared photoelectric sensors, infrared amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers, and inductive proximity switches.

What’s New/Best Seller • Automatic Amplifier Paired with Quick-Disconnect Sensor Eyes.

Advantages/Features • Pantron’s photoelectric sensors with quick-disconnect connectors provide a fast installation and/or maintenance solution. Avoid having to run new cables every time you replace the sensors. Simply unscrew the photo eye and quickly install anew one in place without powering down. The eyes are rated IP67 and are designed to penetrate steam, fog, ice, soap, dirt, and grime. The automatic amplifier has built-in diagnostic features to pinpoint a short, damaged, or disconnected wire and to assist with alignment of the photo eyes.

Customer/Operator Support • Free factory technical support and application assistance are available.

Contact • Pantron Automation Inc.,
109 Hubbard Street,
Belmont, NC 28012.
(704) 825-4965.
Toll free: (800) 211-9468.
Fax: (800) 293-7530.
Website: Inc.

Belanger Inc.

Northville, Michigan

Founded in 1969, Belanger Inc. is a full-line car wash manufacturer. Its equipment maximizes wash bay Profit-Per-FootSM through a smartly optimized combination of high-performance wash results, low maintenance costs, system longevity, and unparalleled customer appeal.

What’s New/Best Seller• Belanger’s Wind Door.

Advantages/Features• Belanger’s Wind Door features heavy-gauge vinyl flaps that form a weather-tight seal to protect a bay against the elements. During cold weather, this helps keep warm air in, preventing equipment freeze-ups and costly potential downtime. The door’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame, zero-maintenance UHMW rollers, and leaded cloth hem ensure reliable year-round operation. To provide the most installation options, a limit switch, photo eyes, or controller tie-in may activate the door.

Service/Installation• Business planning and complete system training are offered. Extensive local distributor network and a technical support and aftermarket parts team are available.

Contact• Belanger Inc.,
1001 Doheny Court,
Northville, MI 48167.
(248) 349-7010.
Toll free: (866) 488-6635.
Fax: (248) 349-2309.

Telco Sensors

Charlotte, North Carolina

Telco Sensors has been producing high-performance sensors for the car wash industry since 1975.

What’s New/Best Seller • Remote Amplifier Car Wash Sensor System.

Advantages/Features • The Remote Amplifier Sensor system from Telco is a rugged, high performing photoelectric sensor system. Extreme penetration power to shoot through heavy fog, frost and ice buildup, high-pressure water spray, dirt, soap, and contamination; 100,000 lux light immunity against direct sunlight, no shielding required; IP67 water and dust-tight construction; and a three-year warranty make them ideally suited for vehicle positioning, profiling, virtual treadles, and car wash doors. Sensors are available with pre-attached cables or IP67 rated quick-disconnect fittings, and feature power and output LEDs and built-in diagnostics for easy set-up and troubleshooting.

Customer Support • Telco Sensors are available from a nationwide network of over 1,000 distributors in North America.

Contact • Telco Sensors,
1456 Center Park Dr.,
Charlotte, NC 28217.
(704) 357-9393.
Toll free: (800) 253-0111.
Fax: (704) 357-9373.