WashTec, a global leader in car wash equipment manufacturing, and Superoperator, a pioneer in digital car wash solutions, have announced a groundbreaking global partnership agreement. The partnership marks a significant step forward in integrating digital advancements into the car wash industry, promising to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

“Connecting WashTec’s digital platform and Superoperator’s digital capabilities will lead to unprecedented solutions for operators as well as end customers,” said WashTec executive board member Sebastian Kutz. “This collaboration not only aligns with our vision to lead the industry in innovation but also ensures we continue to offer unparalleled value to our clients worldwide.”

The collaboration leverages Superoperator’s digital car wash solution, including connectivity hardware and advanced recognition technologies, with WashTec’s extensive global reach and expertise in the car wash industry. The collaboration is expected to yield significant benefits such as increased wash counts, revenue growth, and enhanced customer experience.

“This partnership with WashTec is more than a business venture; it’s a fusion of expertise and innovation, said Erkki Aminoff, CEO of Superoperator. “Our digital car wash system, proven in Scandinavia and in the US, is set to transform the global car wash landscape. We are excited to work alongside WashTec to bring this technology to a wider audience.”