Vacutech Technologies Corporation

Sheridan, Wyoming

Vacutech, the originator of the “vacuum arches,” specializes in providing engineered solutions and products to meet varying customers exacting vacuum demands.

What’s New/Best Seller • Central Vacuum Systems.

Advantages/Features • Vacutech designs and manufactures central vacuums that range from 7.5 hp to 75 hp depending on site needs. The company’s goal is to provide operators a system that wows customers, exceeds their expectations, and brings them back over and over. The bottom line is efficiency, longevity, performance, and an experience that grows customers, creates loyalty, and produces a better bottom line.

Contact • Vacuum Technologies Corporation,
1350 Hi Tech Drive,
Sheridan WY 82801.
Toll free: (800) 917-9444.

Mr. Nozzle

Corona, California

Mr. Nozzle is a leading manufacturer and distributor of vacuum nozzles, crevice tools, vacuum hoses, wet/dry vacuums, vacuum hose ends, and many other vacuum attachments.

What’s New/Best Seller • Vacuum Nozzle.

Advantages/Features • Mr. Nozzle’s latest vacuum nozzle combines the functions of both a crevice tool and a claw nozzle. The tool allows the user to vacuum more thoroughly by combining functions. Its wide opening enables strong suction and efficiency for large areas, while also maintaining a narrow shape for hard to reach places. TheU.S. made nozzles are available in 1.5” and 2” wide versions, both 15.5” long.

Contact • Mr. Nozzle,
439 East Harrison Street,
Corona, CA 92879.
Toll free: (800) 537-7625.
Fax: (951) 273-7534.

Tommy Car Wash Systems

Holland, Michigan

Tommy Car Wash Systems designs, manufactures, and installs high quality stainless steel car washing equipment and integrated, state-of-the-art car wash buildings. Patented round arches and building design appeal to customers as a safe, friendly environment and operators as exceptionally easy to manage and maintain.

What’s New/Best Seller • High Performance Vacuum Producer for Stanchions.

Advantages/Features • All stainless steel construction provides long lasting performance and good looks with minimal maintenance. Units may be configured to meet any wash’s needs from one single-drop unit to a full line of dual-drop stanchions with colorful canopies. Available options include: free vac button or coin/bill/card acceptor; attention-grabbing LED top lights in a variety of colors; motion activated floods; and more. Decorative balls (red, blue, and new green) serve as hose holsters and trash cans, and as attractive traffic guides. Vacuums come complete with installation drawings for contractor use.

Contact • Tommy Car Wash Systems,
581 Ottawa Ave, Suite 300,
Holland, MI 49423.
(616) 494-0411.

J.E. Adams Industries Ltd.

Cedar Rapids, IA

J.E. Adams is a leading manufacturer of vacuums, parts, and accessories in the self-serve car washing, pressure washing, and mist cooling industries for over 40 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • 360 Swivel Boom.

Advantages/Features • The 360 Swivel Boom allows operators to mount the vacuum canister directly to the boom pole or place it on the ground next to the pole.
An available add-on collar turns the 360 degree swivel into a 180 degree swivel if desired. The boom is also available in a fixed model. Booms are available in red, blue, yellow, or green and easily connect to any J.E. Adams vacuum. The stainless steel arch includes a quick disconnect coupler allowing the removal of hoses at the end of the day to prevent theft. Each unit includes a claw hanger that mounts to the pole for easy access and storage of the claw tool.

Customer/Operator Support • A dedicated sales and customer service team is available from the placement of an order to delivery. Free technical service is also available to help with troubleshooting.

Contact • J.E. Adams Industries,
1025 63rd Ave SW,
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.
Toll free: (800) 553-8861.

Coleman Hanna

Houston, Texas

Coleman Hanna is a complete car wash equipment manufacturer. For over 45 years, it has been a leader in car wash technology and innovations.

What’s New/Best Seller • Pole-Mounted Vacuums for Tunnel Sites.

Advantages/Features • Pole-mounting vacuums at a tunnel significantly saves money on utility bills. The choice of dome colors and decaling enhance the appearance of the vacuum line. The vacuum can be decaled to brand the site even more.

Customer/Operator Support • Worldwide distributor network.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Coleman Hanna,
5842 W. 34th Street,
Houston, TX 77092.
(713) 683-9878.
Toll free: (800) 999-9878.
Fax: (713) 683-9624.


Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Fragramatics is dedicated to producing quality products and equipment. The company is constantly striving to provide the industry with new and innovative ways to increase profits.

What’s New/Best Seller • Select-a-Vac with Spot Remover and Fragrance.

Advantages/Features • Units feature: dri-foaming spot remover; three fragrance selections; internally lighted dome; computer-controlled LED timer with scrolling instructions and messages; smart-card programming; service remaining light bar; extra-time and last-coin-alert beepers; UV protected graphics; easy-clean filter bag system; Fragra-flex dispensing hoses; multi-coin acceptor; debris catcher; coin and bill counter; credit/debit card; and vault vac.

Contact • Fragramatics,
P.O. Box 1140,
Pine Bluff, AR 71613.
Toll free: (800) 643-1574.

D&S Car Wash Systems

High Ridge, Missouri

D&S is a leading manufacturer of professional car wash systems and equipment and the first company to introduce an all-welded stainless steel vacuum back in the early 1970s. Today D&S brand of vacuums have become synonymous with durability, performance, and reliability. Round, oval, and a full line of combo vacuums are offered for full-service and self-service car wash operations.

What’s New/Best Seller • Detail Vacs.

Advantages/Features • D&S Detail Vacs are a combination of two or three motor vacuums with carpet shampoo and spot remover for the heaviest cleaning jobs. Detail Vacs are versatile — customers can easily switch services during the same vending cycle and units accept coins, bills, and credit cards. The vacuums are constructed of all-welded, 14 gauge stainless steel and feature simple reliable operation. Units offer powerful suction and innovative designs to enhance customer appeal, value, and offer increased income per vend.

Installation • Simple installation, diagrams, and complete instructions are available in operation manuals.

Customer/Operator Support • Nationwide network of distributors and a toll free customer assistance hotline.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • D&S Carwash Systems,
4200 Brandi Lane,
High Ridge, MO 63049.
Toll free: (800) 844-3442.
Fax: (636) 677-4105.

Doyle Vacuum System LLC

Kentwood, Michigan

Doyle Vacuum Systems is dedicated to producing the highest quality, best performing, and most reliable equipment available on the market.Doyle manufactures and distributes a full line of coin-operated and free-use systems, including a variety of vacuum machines, fragrance machines, shampoo machines, air machines, warm-air blower/dryer machines, and commercial grade portable wet/dry vacuums.

What’s New/Best Seller • Wall-Mount PowerVac.

Advantages/Features • The Wall-Mount PowerVac is a high-performance vacuum that provides incredible suction power and airflow in a compact package, which can be either wall or pole mounted, indoors or outdoors, for a variety of applications.Vacuums come with either an on/off toggle switch or a push-button switch with a timer. Units can be set up to be coin-operated when installed in combination with a remote meter box.The vacuum utilizes a high quality, cleanable, HEPA grade, pleated cartridge filter for superior filtration, and the drop-away dirt bucket provides for easy emptying. The vacuum can be used by itself or as the power source in a vacuum arch system (recommend one vacuum for each drop). Available in 120V or 240V.

Contact • Doyle Vacuum Systems LLC,
4315 Airwest Dr. SE,
Kentwood, MI 49315.
(616) 554-9555.
Fax: (616) 554-9898.

Clean World Distribution Inc.

Valencia, California

Clean World Distribution (C.W.D) has been dedicated to bringing the most innovative technology and design to the car care industry for the past 15 years. The company specializes in full- and self-serve automated mat cleaners and hi-tech 360- degree swivel boom vacuum systems.

What’s New/Best Seller • Unique 360-degree swivel boom system is available in full and self-serve models.

Advantages/Features • The Elephant-Vac system features a clean and attractive slim design with a unique 360-degree swivel boom system. The boom system offers full-range cleaning of the entire car without dragging the hose on the ground and simple maneuvering and ease of cleaning around and inside the vehicle. The Elephant-Vac is equipped with two heavy-duty, high-speed motors for efficiency and reliability; two large filters for high capacity use; and a trash drawer for easy maintenance. The vacuum is ideal for both full- and self-serve car wash operations, and can be installed for use by two vehicles. It is available with a bill/coin acceptor and stainless steel construction.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Clean World Distribution Inc.,
25030 Avenue Stanford,
Valencia, CA. 91355
(213) 480-8899.
Toll free: (866) 644-5177.
Fax: (213) 291-7696.