Yesterday competitors, today a strong and united force. This is a story of two independent car wash operators banding together to form a strategic partnership designed to help them in the big car wash consolidation battle. Valley Car Wash and Peterson’s Car Wash have merged to expand their business across Virginia and the West Virginia panhandle, as the new Valley Car Wash.

Ned Browning, owner of Valley Car Wash, and Roger Peterson, owner of Peterson’s Car Wash, have created more than a business partnership — it’s a close friendship that will change the car wash landscape and elevate the car wash customer service experience.

“Our partnership will provide our wash club members with multiple locations that honor their unlimited wash membership. No other car wash in the area can offer the level of convenience or the level of customer service we’ll provide,” said Browning.

Browning, an army veteran and serial entrepreneur, has been in the car wash industry for over 20 years. Peterson also has experience within the car wash industry. His father built the first Modern Cloth Car Wash in Martinsburg, WV in 1976. Eight years later, Peterson built the first Modern Cloth Car Wash in Winchester, VA, at the ripe age of 25. The Peterson family went on to open several additional locations in Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Waynesboro.