More than 1,000 customers flocked to Dutch Car Wash in Aurora, CO on October 27-31 to experience the third annual “Tunnel of Terror.” The event was free for Wash Club Members or $19.99 (per vehicle) for non-members and included the top ‘Ceramic’ wash, along with frills and frights.

This year’s Tunnel of Terror featured scary animatronic props, fog machines, holograms, ghostly decorations, and creepy Halloween actors.

“We went through the Tunnel of Terror and it was so worth it,” said Dutch Car Wash customer Jaxon White. “We have kids ages five to 11 and it was a perfect first-time haunted experience! We can’t wait to go again next year.”

Dutch Car Wash launched the Tunnel of Terror in 2019 as a way to entertain customers while providing a clean car. The past two seasons have taken it to a new level as people seek safe, socially distanced holiday festivities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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