Tommy’s Express Car Wash recently hosted their annual convention, Tommy Club. Held in San Antonio, TX, more than 350 franchisees, team members, and staff were in attendance.

Highlights from the three-day event included the five-year-old franchise having more than 100 stores in operation, which identifies the company setting industry records being the fastest growing ground-up new-build car wash, opening 30 locations in 2021 with 100 more slated for 2022.

The company announced having experienced another year of incredible growth. In 2019, Tommy’s Express’s total wash volume was 3,578,343 vehicles. Wash counts doubled in 2020 to 7,242,219 vehicles washed. In 2021 their total wash count more than doubled to 16,427,909.

“Our exponential growth opens doors for our team members and associates to step up into new roles and leadership positions that accelerate us into 2022 and beyond,” said company CEO Alex Lemmen. To support this growth, Tommy has added over 150 employees to the teams that drive and support the Tommy’s Express and Tommy Car Wash Systems brands.