In the age of sprawling, multi-million-dollar car care facilities, mobile detailing still offers a low barrier of entry and can provide talented and eager operators the opportunity to own a thriving business built on sweat equity.

Anthony Marquez founded The Detail Pros in 2020.

            When Anthony Marquez founded The Detail Pros back in 2020 his knowledge of automotive detailing was rather basic. Of course, as a lifelong car guy he knew how to properly wash and wax a vehicle and get it looking good. But he lacked the industry-specific skills that can turn a run-of-the-mill detailer into an in-demand professional who can resurrect an ignored vehicle’s appearance and bring back that showroom shine.

            “Before I got into the detailing business, I was selling cars at a large Ford dealership,” Marquez says. “I wanted to make a change and was inspired by a customer of mine who had come into the dealership to purchase a work van for his detail business. I decided to give detailing a try.”

            Like many aspiring professional detailers, Marquez started doing basic mobile washes and light detailing work out of his car for friends and family. Within the first year of launching his business, however, he knew he needed to acquire the differentiating skills that would help take his business to the next level and allow him to expand his clientele.

Marquez trained to become an expert in paint correction.

            “I enrolled in a few classes from the Chemical Guys on how to properly wash a car and on polishing and sealants,” he says. “I learned some new skills and was able to apply them to my business. A few months later, customers started asking about paint correction, and I wasn’t comfortable yet to touch anyone’s car with a polisher and a pad.”

            To gain the confidence and next-level skills of a seasoned detailer Marquez enrolled in Remy Doyle’s well-known training program. “That five-day course changed my business,” he says. “It gave me confidence in my abilities. I started offering polishes and higher-end services and joined Remy’s Detail Mafia to continue to acquire knowledge and expand my network.”

            The decision to get educated, join the Detail Mafia, and become IDA certified was transformative to The Detail Pros. No longer was Marquez limited to mobile washes and basic detailing jobs. He was capable of true paint correction, protection, and vehicle rejuvenation and began attracting high-end clients that required those types of services.

Marquez has done plenty of work for the LA County Fire Museum.

            “I have a range of clients that include owners of luxury and exotic vehicles that have entrusted me with the upkeep of their investments,” he says. “When they first become clients, I usually provide them with a ceramic coating and continue to service their vehicles with maintenance details throughout the year.”

            Marquez’s skills have not gone unnoticed throughout Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and beyond. He is a member of Remy’s Detail Mafia, the famed Air Force One Detailing crew, and has done a lot of work restoring antique fire engines for the LA County Fire Museum.

            This high-profile work has helped him create a name for himself in the industry and attract more high-end clientele to The Detail Pros. Wherever Marquez goes, you can rest assured he will be talking up his business and handing out business cards to continue acquiring new customers, who are the lifeblood of any business.

Working on a variety of vehicles helps keep Marquez’s skills fresh.

            “I do some digital marketing like Google Reviews and Yelp,” he says. “But honestly, the thing that works best is just passing out business cards. When I’m at a car show or event or going to the grocery store doing everyday things, I am passing out business cards. That’s how I got some of my high-end clients.”

            Attracting new clients is vitally important, but meeting customer expectations is the key to returning customers and long-term success. The Detail Pros offers various services and menu options to satisfy entry-level customers and discerning collectors alike.

            While ceramic coatings and paint corrections are The Detail Pros’ specialty, basic washes, clays, and seals are its bread and butter. While most clients tend to focus on the vehicle’s exterior, extensive interior services are available, including the popular full interior detail, which includes the complete reconditioning of every interior surface.

Marquez is willing to go above and beyond as a member of the famed Air Force One Detailing Team.

            After nearly four years in business, The Detail Pros is still expanding, growing its clientele and technical proficiency, and setting itself up for future expansion. Marquez’s long-term business goals include a fixed location to perform high-end paint correction and coatings and multiple mobile rigs servicing clients where and when they are needed.

            Marquez is proof that if you have the work ethic, willingness to learn, and guts to give it a try, you can still start a car care business from the ground up in the age of multi-million-dollar operators.