A recent poll commissioned by Supersonic Car Wash in Utah sought to determine if Utah car owners still had that “loving feeling” for their cars. The poll was part of the 11-location chain’s celebration of its 60th anniversary. Now part of the International Car Wash Group, Supersonic has been operating in the Salt Lake City area since 1959.

The survey found that two thirds of Utah car owners still have that loving feeling for their cars. Half spend the same amount of time and effort caring for their car as they did 10 or even 15 years ago; 27 percent of participants actually spend less time. The reasons are no surprise: 60 percent of respondents said they are “more pressed for time,” and close to another 30 percent said they have “tons of other distractions.”

In response, Supersonic Car Wash is urging Utah car owners to “renew their vows” with their vehicles this summer.

“Renewing your vows means recommitting to the love and joy you derive from your vehicle and tending to the basics, such as regular car washes, which are super important for ideal car maintenance,” said Supersonic district manager Kamen Goddard, whose parents and grandparents were the original owners of the car wash.

As encouragement, Supersonic is running a “Super-Size the Love” Sweepstakes at all its locations from July 1 to August 18. In addition to an assortment of daily prizes that will be awarded to everyone who purchases a car wash, all visitors will be entered into a weekly prize drawing.

To further mark its 60th anniversary, the wash chain is embarking on a $7 million refurbishment that includes the installation of all-new equipment at several sites and new signage at all 11 locations.