Summit Wash Holdings, a membership-focused car wash group with operations in CT, NY, NE, KS, and FL, has expanded its footprint under the Russell Speeder’s brand in Hamden and Derby, CT. Adding two Russell Speeder’s locations brings the brand’s count to 30. Including the Water’s Car Wash brand, Summit’s location count is now 50.
            The announcement comes on the heels of the announcement last month recognizing 11 new locations in Orlando under the Water’s brand.
            “Being a part of the remarkable growth of Summit Wash Holdings has been both inspiring and humbling,” said Dan Pittman, CEO of Summit Wash Holdings. “Our journey signifies not just the expansion of a car wash business but a commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and community engagement. As a team, and under two brands throughout multiple states, we’ve not only elevated the car care experience but also steered Summit Wash Holdings towards a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and continued success.”