Suds Creative, a leader in data-driven marketing and CX technology for the car wash industry, has announced a new partnership with Retention Express LLC, an outsourced, white-labeled, customer-experience support team focused on membership retention across all customer touchpoints for car wash operators.

The partnership will focus on identifying strategic opportunities for collaboration between the companies on a client-by-client basis.

“Our goal is to drive greater revenue for our clients and we’re laser-focused on strategies and tools that will help the hundreds of operators we work with achieve their business goals. Aligning with Retention Express allows us to expand our ability to help clients deliver outstanding customer support to members and customers without increasing their own team size and allowing their employees to better serve on-site customers,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO of Suds Creative.

“We are thrilled to partner with Suds and to provide car wash owners a dedicated solution to closing the back door of churn, delivering superior customer support, and creating more satisfied customers,” said Bobby Thomson, CEO of Retention Express.