Splash Car Wash, headquartered in Milford, CT, announced the re-opening of its express wash in Greece, NY, a site formerly known as Buckman’s. Since Splash’s acquisition, the wash has been completely renovated to include two new 130-foot tunnels outfitted with the latest in wash technology and equipment, including “Optimus Prep,” Splash’s high pressure wash system.

Splash added 23 free vacuum stations to increase customer convenience and enhance the wash experience. The site can now be accessed from three different access points, allowing customers to proceed through two automated pay stations, reducing wait time.

The renovation was overseen by Dave Clements and Jeff Arnold, Splash’s development partners in upstate New York. Clements and Arnold previously owned the Classy Chassy chain, which was purchased by Splash in 2021. They have also been responsible for developing Splash’s Geneva, Leray, and Oswego express washes and oversaw major renovations in Spencerport and Brockport. “Dave and Jeff have been instrumental in the expansion of our New York footprint, which now totals 36 washes with another four under construction,” said Mark Curtis, CEO and co-founder of Splash. “We are really proud to be able to renovate this great site originally run by the legendary Ray Justice. We’re also excited to see the growth at Splash continue. As we develop more sites within the region, we know we’re bringing more convenience and an unmatched customer experience to our subscription