Splash Car Wash opened its 58th site, a new express wash located in Milford, CT. The latest wash has a 130-foot conveyor tunnel, 18 free self-service vacuum stations, and a free mat cleaning room.
    The project was spearheaded by Glen Sheeley, director of development and construction along with Wayne Sheeley, his father. “This is my favorite wash development to date given the number of unique features we added to the site,” said Glen. “Our goal is always to find new and improved ways to serve our customers better. I’m most excited about the customer-focused features added to the tunnel, such as the ‘hot room,’ designed to better dry customer cars.”     
    In other development news, Splash has two new Upstate New York washes nearing completion in Oswego and Leray; both projects are led by Dave Clements and Jeff Arnold. In addition, construction continues as planned in Randolph, MA and Derby, CT with anticipated openings in early September.