Sonny’s Enterprises LLC, a global leader in the manufacture of conveyorized car wash equipment, has announced the launch of OneWash Choice™ — the industry’s first and only turnkey suite of car wash business management tools rolled into a single subscription-based solution.

For the first time, equipment, parts, controls, vacuums, training, comprehensive consulting, and marketing solutions are conveniently accessible to OneWash Choice members in one place adding a new innovative dimension to Sonny’s Enterprises’ unmatched expertise and industry-leading offerings.

“We were pleasantly surprised and excited by the sheer number of people expressing interest in OneWash Choice at this year’s ICA Car Wash Show in Las Vegas,” said Sonny’s Enterprises CEO Paul Fazio. “Our subscription numbers have reached about 41 percent of initial commitments since the show a few months ago with members taking advantage of nearly $750,000 in discount credits — and both numbers are climbing every day.”

Sonny’s OneWash Choice empowers car wash operators by offering them the tools and resources to operate their businesses comparable to enterprises benefiting from larger economies of scale. Members can streamline nearly every aspect of the car wash business by taking advantage of exclusive equipment and shipping discounts, expanded consulting services, unlimited hands-on training, and access to meaningful reports offering a window into operational metrics affecting profitability — all from one partner. More information is available at