Bling King, one of Sonny’s international customers, has been featured in the Belgian media for its impressive, state-of-the-art car wash. The video from Focus WTV can be seen here, while an English translation of the original transcript reads as follows:

"If you think car wash is a boring job, you might want to walk by the Bling King, along the Bruggestraat in Torhout. At Bling King, a car wash becomes a total sensory experience, enhanced with light and smell. This car wash equipment comes from the world’s largest manufacturer of car wash equipment, Sonny’s The CarWash Factory, an American company. Sonny’s has been aiming for experience-oriented car washes for some time. The car wash is not only spectacular, but also sustainable. The energy for, among other things, the LED lights comes from solar panels and the cars are washed with reclaim water. Thanks to Bling King’s own water treatment plant, 80 percent of the water can be reused. The investment amounts to around 2.5 million euros."