Every 21 seconds, someone dies from a waterborne disease, according to the Shoeman Water Projects (SWP). The organization has pioneered the channeling of funds raised from the donation of used shoes to help people in developing nations gain access to clean water.

Rain Tunnel Express Car Wash in Saint Louis, MO is participating in the effort. "Each of our six locations is now collecting shoes for SWP, and as an added incentive for our customers to get involved, we’re also offering $1 off of our MONSOON Premium Wash for every pair of shoes a customer donates each time they visit," said Rain Tunnel Express owner, Scott Knight. "A customer can bring in 10 pairs of shoes, donate them all, and then receive our MONSOON Premium car wash for free that day." $10 is the normal cost of the MONSOON Premium Car Wash Plus+ with Paint Guard featuring Carnauba Wax.

Using donation stations at participating businesses like Rain Tunnel Express, Shoeman Water Projects has collected more than 3.5 million pounds of shoes since 2008 and donated them to poor communities in South America, Haiti and Kenya. Some of the footwear is sent to be used and sold by the people in these underdeveloped communities, while the profits from re-selling/exporting the shoes are used to repair water pumps, as well as purchase well-drilling rigs and water purification systems. So far, SWP has helped more than a 250,000 people live better lives with clean water. For more information, visit www.shoemanwater.org.