Michael Timmer of Wash U (left) and Dick Portillo,
the 7 millionth FastPass Tag recipient.
Attending the presentation from left to right:
Jayce Tomich (Wash U employee), Don Tomich (partner),
Craig Nelson (partner), Michael Timmer (wash operations),
Jose Melendez (Wash U Plainfield GM), Terry D’Arcy (partner),
Willie Vidakovich (owner AVW Equipment),
Dick Portillo (7 millionth pass recipient), Steve Timmer (partner),
Xavier Hernandez (Wash U Villa Park GM)

DRB Systems has announced that the company has issued its 7 Millionth FastPass® tag to a Chicagoland Wash U Carwash guest, Dick Portillo.

With locations in Plainfield and Villa Park, IL, Wash U employs dual belt technology allowing it to handle a wider variety of vehicles, including dually pickup trucks.

The FastPass® program is designed to provide convenient car wash service to monthly pass customers by using radio frequency identification (RFID) and DRB’s SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal®. The technology improves efficiencies and the overall value proposition for today’s time challenged consumer, according to Michael Timmer, wash operations, Wash U Carwash.