CustomKraft Industries Inc.

North Little Rock, Arkansas

CustomKraft has over 33 years of experience manufacturing self-service car wash equipment. CustomKraft’s patented MultiPressure System, single pump design is offered in the bypass and variable frequency drive design. CustomKraft produces complete self-service systems and components including bay meters, booms, air dryers, and vacuums.

What’s New/Best Seller • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Advantages/Features • Customers can start equipment using credit/debit/fleet cards, coins, tokens, and/or bills. Customer bay selection initiates at high pressure then changes to owner pre-set pressures — supporting customer satisfaction with 400 percent faster product delivery to car wash bays. Stacked VFD units have a small footprint with easy access to parts. Longer pump life is gained with gravity feed and by purging each pump with rinse water after selections. Systems have enhanced reliability using one delivery line per boom and are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for simple installation. These high efficiency systems save money using Super E motors, timing belt drives, and Weepmiser freeze protection on stainless steel frames.

Customer/Operator Support • Nationwide and global distribution. CustomKraft provides two-year limited warranty, free training seminars, illustrated manuals, and online or toll-free technical support.

Price • Free quote upon request.

Contact • CustomKraft Industries Inc.,
4611 West Bethany Rd.,
North Little Rock, AR 72117.
(501) 955-5959.
Toll free: (800)
869-1448. E-mail:

Carolina Pride Carwash Systems & Solutions

Roxboro, North Carolina

Carolina Pride Carwash Systems and Solutions has been providing car wash operators throughout North America with industrial grade wash systems for over 48 years. Carolina Pride has grown over the years with the addition of many new services, including Mercury Global Vision Carwash Payment and Management System, Turbo Dry, Performa, and Express Series lines of self-service wash equipment as well as its tunnel solutions line of equipment.

What’s New/Best Seller • Performa Self-Serve Carwash Systems.

Advantages/Features • To ensure a clean car, the Performa self-serve car wash series comes complete with presoak and high pressure soap, rinse, wax, tire cleaner, foam brush, reverse osmosis production, and spot-free delivery. The self-serve systems include the Performa, Performa Plus, Performa Plus High Efficiency Boiler, Express Series, and the Simplicity Series.

Contact •Carolina Pride Carwash Systems and Solutions,
417 S. Madison Blvd.,
Roxboro, NC 27573.
Toll free: (800) 421-5119.

GinSan Industries

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Serving the vehicle washing industry for over 40 years, GinSan Industries has established and been designated as a premier manufacturer of self-service vehicle washing equipment, vacuum systems, and water treatment products. The company personalized services such as product design/enhancement, customized equipment consultation, and graphic design.

What’s New/Best Seller • GinSan Direct Drive SES (Space Efficient System).

Advantages/Features • The GinSan Direct Drive SES System accommodates up to six self-service bays utilizing 42 square inches of floor space. The units’ vertically built design and face-forward component assembly simplifies installation and most importantly provides superior serviceability. Each unit is wired and color coded in accordance with all GinSan technical documentation, simplifying installation/trouble shooting when assistance is needed. The system offers three or five horsepower motors and is assembled with industry leading pump manufacturers such as Arimitsu, General Pump, and CAT. The unit accommodates high-pressure soap, rinse, wax, and single or three phase applications.

Contact • GinSan Industries,
3611 3 Mile Road,
Grand Rapids MI 49534.
Toll free: (800) 446-7267.

Simoniz USA Inc.

Bolton, Connecticut

Simoniz USA’s diverse product line covers a broad spectrum of markets including commercial vehicle washing, professional detailing, retail vehicle appearance, and products for the home pressure washer “do-it-yourself” customer.

What’s New/Best Seller • Simoniz Self-Serve Tire Shine.

Advantages/Features • The Simoniz Tire Shine with airbrushing effect features a durable and easy-to-use wand applicator. The system combines fluid and air at the tip of the wand, applying chemical efficiently with atomizing mist. The direct application delivers shiny tires without the vac island mess, while the unique bristle design spreads chemical evenly. Bristles adapt to all tires and hold a precise level of chemical — no freebies.

Contact • Simoniz USA Inc.,
201 Boston Turnpike,
Bolton, CT 06043.
Toll free: (800) 227-5536.
Fax: (860) 645-6070.

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems

Houston, Texas

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems has been in the car wash business for over 50 years providing expert knowledge in manufacturing quality equipment as well as creating innovative products that enhance the car washexperience.

What’s New/Best Seller • U WASH IT Compact Self-Serve Car Wash.

Advantages/Features • The U WASH IT is a compact self-serve car wash with a wide variety of wash cycle features including tire cleaner, presoak, wax, and high-pressuresoap. The system comes standard with a self-contained pump for the equipment room and choice of 360-degree or wall mounted 180-degree boom.

Customer/Operator Support • Worldwide distribution network.

Contact • Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems,
5842 W. 34th Street,
Houston, TX 77092.
(713) 683-9878.
Toll free: (800) 999-9878.

Rowe Bill Changers LLC

Richland Hills, Texas

Rowe has been a trusted source for reliable bill changers since 1962.

What’s New/Best Seller • Two new product lines: BC1600 and Bill Buster BC2500.

Advantages/Features • The new BC-1600 rear load and BC-1500 front load bill recycler and changer product lines update and replace the400RL. The new BC-1600/1500 models feature a strong cabinet and door constructed of 12-gauge powder coated steel with secure Medico T handle and “safe-like” three-point door lock system. These BC1600/1500 units still feature the popular and successful MEI bill recyclers and same high capacity 5,600-quarter hoppers. The BC2500 Bill Buster models are available with two, three, or four cassette options. Units replace the 500RL Bill Breakers. Every BC-2500 Bill Buster includes alerts for cassette empty and stacker full via Ethernet connection at no extra cost.

Contact • Rowe Bill Changers LLC,
7121 Belton St.,
Richland Hills, Texas 76118.
Toll free: (800) 669-7693.

D&S Car Wash Systems

High Ridge, Missouri

The D&S line of self-service car wash equipment includes the new IQ Self-Wash and Space Saver Series, Stack and Mini-Stack; modular car wash systems; spot-free rinse systems; wall-mount low-pressure pumping systems; and stainless steel bay components such as booms, wand holders, meters, and safes.

What’s New/Best Seller • IQ Self-Wash.

Advantages/Features • D&S has introduced a smarter solution for self-service car wash owners: the IQ Self-Wash. The new system is a compact self-service pumping system that is simple to install and operate. The IQ Self-Wash is extremely versatile and features direct injection of chemicals into the system eliminating the need for storage and mixing tanks. VFDs and direct drive pumps control the wash pressure for each function for optimum control of chemical delivery. Operating pressures are adjustable and all units are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for fast, efficient installation and maintenance.

Delivery/Installation • Simple installation, diagrams, and complete instructions in operation manuals.

Operator/Customer Support • Nationwide network of distributors and a toll-free customer assistance hotline.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact •D&S Carwash Systems,
4200 Brandi Lane,
High Ridge, MO 63049.
Toll free: (800) 844-3442.
Fax: (636) 677-4105.


Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Committed to continuing innovation, Hydro-Spray offers top-of-the-line car wash equipment and support that adds value to your self-serve car wash bay.

What’s New/Best Seller • Elite-Plus: Self-Serve System.

Advantages/Features • The Elite-Plus enables owners to add value and create efficiencies with powerful and flexible options. Its5-hp direct drive motor controlled by the Smart Logic VFD Controller offers flexible product delivery to the wash bay. The advanced chemical injection system eliminates bulky storage tanks and reduces overall footprint requirements. Its unique modular design saves space in the equipment room while delivering performance to the wash bay.

Contact • Hydro-Spray,
2928 Washington Avenue,
Clearfield, PA 16830.
Toll free: (800) 528-5733.
Fax: (888) 223-4835.

AVI Car Care LLC

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

For more than 25 years, AutoVac has served the car care industry through its widely recognized line of dependable central vacuum systems. AutoVac is known for its innovative use of technology and world-class research and development capabilities.

What’s New/Best Seller • Metered Self-Serve Central Vacuums.

Advantages/Features • AutoVac offers economical central vacuum systems for high volume self-serve washes that offer free vacuums or charge per use. Suction can be activated by token/coin, key code, or ground loop sensor.Central systems reduce electrical consumption, downtime, and maintenance costs. AutoVac’s central systems are powered by reliable, durable, centrifugal vacuum producers.

Delivery/Installation • Systems are available through AutoVac’s worldwide distributor and installation network.

Customer/Operator Support • Technical support experts are available to answer installation or operating questions.

Pricing • Available upon request.

Contact • AVI Car Care LLC,
297 Kingsbury Grade, Suite 1019,
Lake Tahoe, NV 89449.
Toll free: (888) 628-8682.

Doyle Vacuum Systems LLC

Kentwood, Michigan

Doyle Vacuum Systems is dedicated to producing the highest quality, best performing, and most reliable equipment available on the market. Doyle manufactures and distributes a full line of coin-operated and free-use systems, including a variety of vacuum machines, fragrance machines, shampoo machines, air machines, warm-air blower/dryer machines, and commercial grade portable wet/dry vacuums. Further, Doyle offers custom design and fabrication services to meet specific needs.

What’s New/Best Seller • Fresh Impressions Multi Combination Machine: Vacuum, Shampoo, Spot Remover, Fragrance.

Advantages/Features • Fresh Impressions offers customers a full line of service options to detail the interior of their vehicle. Like all of Doyle’s machines, these vacuums utilize cartridge filters (not bags) and a convenient 5-gallon bucket for a dirt receptacle. Dirt builds up on the exterior of the cartridge filters (which can be easily cleaned), and then drops through a funnel plate into the bucket down below for simple removal. Cleaning out a vacuum is never going to be fun, but this system makes the job a little easier. The innovative design of the machine allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance — one service door provides easy access to pumps and chemicals, and the other access to the dirt and filter compartments.

Contact • Doyle Vacuum Systems, LLC,
4315 Airwest Dr. SE,
Kentwood, MI 49315.
(616) 554-9555.
Fax: (616) 554-9898.

Clean World Distribution Inc.

Valencia, California

For the past 15 years Clean World has been dedicated to the innovative design and technology of superior mat cleaning systems. The company’s dedication to manufacturing superior mat cleaners has brought it worldwide recognition. Its mat cleaners are currently operating in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe.

What’s New/Best Seller • Rhino-Mat Wash & Dry System.

Advantages/Features • In a one-step process, Rhino-Mat effectively cleans and dries rubber and carpet floor mats within 30 seconds.Using water and the power of a special textured brush to clean ground-in dirt, hard to remove stains, and pet hair and finishing off with a patented drying technique and groomed appearance.

Contact • Clean World Distribution Inc.,
25030 Avenue Stanford Suite 70,
Valencia, CA 91355.
(213) 480-8899.