Rust-Oleum Corporation has announced that it has formed a licensing program with Ohio-based Dubois Chemicals. Company leaders say the move will further strengthen consumer confidence in the Dubois line of car wash products.

A global leader in manufacturing paints and coatings since 1921, Rust-Oleum executives say the agreement is a win-win for both businesses. “Our brand has been associated with quality, innovation, and corrosion prevention for nearly 100 years,” said Michael Vitucci, vice president for business development at Rust-Oleum.

As the licensor, Rust-Oleum ensures that Dubois’ products have been extensively tested for quality and contain the most effective protection properties available. DuBois manufactures a full line of quality detergents, polishes, protectants, and auxiliary car care products sold under the names Blendco Systems, C.A.R. Products, Red Rhino, and Bullet Proof.

“The new Rust-Oleum line of products represents the highest quality and protection ever offered by DuBois and sets a new higher standard for the industry,” said Brent McCurdy, president of the transportation group at Dubois.