Rinsed: The Car Wash CRM, has acquired Ignite Wash, the car wash salesperson platform. The combination will accelerate Rinsed’s goal of driving increased lifetime value across every interaction a car wash has with its customers and helping operators delight customers and grow revenue.

The Rinsed team helps manage more than 7.5 million active members for more than 2,600 car washes nationwide. Ignite enables visibility into the most critical part of the customer journey, the “moment of sale” between the sales associate and the customer. By measuring coverage, engagement, and conversion rate in real-time at the individual customer service associate level, Ignite can help car washes increase conversion to membership.

“We first got to know Ignite’s CEO, Kyle Doyle, as a Rinsed customer – when he was head of marketing and customer experience for a fast-growing sponsor-backed car wash group,” said Austin Esecson, co-founder and CEO of Rinsed. “When we reconnected with Kyle and CTO, Craig Vella, about their new salesperson management platform, and started collaborating on all the ways integrating CRM could benefit the combined product offering, the alignment in vision and opportunity was overwhelming.”

Similar to Rinsed, Ignite Wash plugs into the operator’s existing point-of-sale hardware, providing them with tools to manage, at scale, the interactions between customer service associates and customers. From training, to performance monitoring, to real-time leaderboards and gamification, the Ignite platform creates a sales system that ensures a first-class customer experience and consistency across an organization.

“Joining forces with Rinsed represents a fantastic opportunity for both our team and our customers,” said Doyle. “Craig and I are just getting started, and we look forward to building upon the Rinsed platform and contributing to the next phase of innovation in the car wash industry.”