Modesto, CA-based Prime Shine Car Wash opened a second location in Ceres, CA on December 23, 2014 at Whitmore Avenue and Mitchell Road. The new wash and a new Cruisers gas station and convenience store are located on the busy corner once occupied by Barbour’s Save Center, a popular Ceres business for almost 50 years.

“We partnered with our good friends at Cruisers for the ultimate in convenience. Fill up your tank, get a cup of coffee, and wash your car all in one convenient location,” said Evan Porges, Prime Shine’s president.

The new facility is Prime Shine’s 16th in a market stretching from Lodi to Merced. Like all Prime Shine locations, about 95 percent of the fresh water applied to each vehicle is captured, recycled and potentially reused. For more information, visit or