Since its recent name change, Coleman Hanna has appointed three sales executives. They are Jean de Negri, Ted Winchester, and Wayne Smith.

Jean de Negri is Coleman Hanna’s international sales manager. De Negri has a wide background in international sales and is a native French speaker. In addition to French and English, de Negri speaks three other languages. He has an extensive history working with diverse people from all over the world.

Ted Winchester has joined Coleman Hanna as vice president of sales and marketing. Winchester has been in the car wash industry for over 40 years and has been involved in every facet of the industry, including manufacturing, owning, operating, and directing sales of car wash equipment.

Wayne Smith is Coleman Hanna’s vice president of national accounts and distributor development. Smith has almost 40 years of sales experience in the petroleum industry. He has worked for Hanna-Sherman previously and is an expert in car wash equipment sales.