New system builds on the capabilities and success of PDQ’s Tandem family of vehicle washes.

PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of in-bay automatic vehicle-wash systems, is pleased to announce the launch and availability of its new Tandem Surfline Vehicle Wash System.The Tandem Surfline, which is the industry’s most innovative automatic friction wash, is an extension of PDQ’s highly regarded Tandem family of vehicle washes.

The key design feature of the Tandem Surfline is its open-bay configuration. This consists of an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-enter wash bay that is safe and inviting for drivers of all types of vehicles, including wide-base dually trucks. Also, no other vehicle-wash system navigates around the vehicle as precisely as the Tandem Surfline. This ensures complete and optimal cleaning coverage – and totally satisfied customers.

Other cutting-edge features of the Tandem Surfline include corrosion-free stainless-steel and aluminum materials of construction; a second side brush that helps vehicles pass through the wash quicker; a NEW low-/high-pressure pump design for improved functionality and lower maintenance costs; a fully configurable, standard wall-mounting system that enables the wash to be placed in any type or size of wash bay; an Ultimate Cover Package, including the ProGlow Illumination System, that offers a state-of-the-art look and feel to the wash; and a web-based wash-control system that provides remote access to all key operating functions.

The Tandem Surfline also offers the availability of numerous revenue-generating upsell features, including Undercarriage Wash, Front Bug Prep, Chemical Tire Applicators, 3X Color Foam, OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System, Super Sealant vehicle-surface protection, high-pressure side blasters and the TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System, and much more.

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