AutomotiveTouchup’s three-step paint touchup solution, comprised of a primer, basecoat and clear coat is custom formulated for every order to ensure an exact match. The product is available in several forms: a paint pen for small rock chips or nicks smaller than a pencil eraser; bottles with a built-in brush are the best option for small areas no larger than a dime; and 12-ounce aerosol spray cans can be used for sections of up to six square feet. The aerosol containers have a pro-grade tip to assure a gentle, wide, finely-atomized fan pattern to achieve spray gun-quality application. If repainting an entire vehicle, or performing a restoration project, AutomotiveTouchup is also available in ready-to-spray pints, quarts, and gallons for use with a spray gun. In addition, the company also offers companion primers and high-gloss clear coats to take the job from bare metal to the final protective coat.

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