An automobile’s exterior is under constant threat. Insects, sunlight, and high-velocity road debris such as rock chips, pebbles, sand, dirt, asphalt, and other abrasive items can damage a vehicle’s paintwork. According to a nationwide survey, the average price of a mid-level paint job is more than $1,300. That doesn’t take into account removing dents.

In Jacksonville, FL, Firehouse Auto Spa’s XPEL Paint Protection Films provide car owners a tool to prevent paint and body damage. The film acts as a protective layer above the clear coat of an automobile, protecting expensive paint from debris, swirls, and damage.

Certified technicians apply the film to a vehicle for maximum protection. Firehouse Auto Spa has access to nearly 80,000 vehicle-specific laser-cut film material. Not only do vehicles look great, but the film also extends the life of a vehicle’s exterior.

Firehouse Auto Spa specializes in all automobiles from exotic and luxury sports cars to daily drivers and is owned by Jacksonville firefighter and car enthusiast Mark Elliott, a certified automotive and aircraft detailer.