OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions’ ICS business is excited to announce its non-exclusive partnership with Rinsed to create a more streamlined on-boarding process for vehicle wash customers.
Rinsed, a customer relationship management software company for the vehicle wash industry, pairs perfectly with ICS’ point-of-sale technology to help car wash owners significantly reduce credit card declines and customer churn, while increasing online sales with forms optimized for every device. Together, ICS and Rinsed can help deliver cost savings by eliminating API-access fees typically required by most point-of-sale vendors.
“In addition to the Rinsed software portfolio, our marketing arm, The Agency at ICS, provides an ideal way to capitalize on this robust data collection with website design, digital marketing campaigns, as well as through social media and reputation management,” said Kevin Ahnert, general manager for ICS Payment Solutions and Controls.
“ICS’ point-of-sale technology works seamlessly with Rinsed software to allow our customers to build smarter marketing campaigns that help convert more leads into paying customers, track actual usage, schedule regular e-mails and text messages to members, as well as tailor messaging to reach both current and past members,” said Austin Esecson, CEO of Rinsed.