OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions will exhibit its vehicle wash equipment at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s upcoming 2024 NADA Show, February 2-4, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center (booth 3641W).
The company will feature its insta-KLEEN Drive-Thru Fleet Car Wash System from Belanger. The “Car A Minute Wash,” insta-KLEEN has been designed to be a severe-duty, drive-thru vehicle wash system that can meet the unique needs of automobile dealers and other businesses that employ a fleet of vehicles.
The insta-KLEEN system features a heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum framework that houses minimal moving parts. Instead, when motion is required, the system actuates the wash process by using automotive-rated bearings and lube-free pivot points built for reliable, maintenance-free operation and long service life. Additionally, unlike “rollover” systems that require the entire wash unit to sweep over each vehicle, the insta-KLEEN framework remains in place, allowing it to achieve the highest level of structural integrity.
The system can clean a vehicle in 60 seconds or less. This not only fast tracks the wash process but also means less water and electricity are needed. Energy is also saved because the system doesn’t have to move over the vehicle, meaning it can require as little as four horsepower of electrical power per wash. Freshwater usage is minimal, especially if the wash is outfitted with a water-recovery system.