motormindz, a global venture consultancy, has announced a strategic partnership with NuVinAir Global, which offers proprietary vehicle-cleanliness solutions and hygienic consulting for automotive businesses across the United States.

“COVID revealed a critical need for highly scalable and effective, yet safe, disinfectants developed specifically for automotive,” said Jeff Van Dongen, CEO of motormindz, who spent 22 years developing technologies for the automotive industry before founding the company in 2014 with Ray Fisher, a 33-year Chrysler veteran. “NuVinAir’s ‘Total Health’ solution enables us to solve a key consumer concern with a truly unique product.”

In partnership, motormindz will assist the industry expansion of NuVinAir’s “Total Health” suite of products that are currently being utilized in more than 500 auto dealerships across the United States, as well as supporting the needs of the rental-car and fleet markets.

According to NuVinAir COO Troy Blackwell, the people in the industry he speaks to all want no-touch, automotive-specific cleaning solutions that work quickly and effectively on all areas and surfaces of the vehicle. “That’s exactly what NuVinAir is bringing to the industry,” he said.