DRB® Tunnel Solutions has announced that its revolutionary full tunnel optimization system NoPileups™ is now operational at 500 car wash sites across the United States.

NoPileups uses computer vision and machine-learning technology backed by an industry-leading service team to monitor car wash tunnels, automatically stopping the conveyor when collision threats are detected. By reducing the risk of collision, car wash attendants can load vehicles closer together in the tunnel, resulting in higher tunnel throughput.

The first NoPileups installation was in 2016. Since then, NoPileups has monitored more than 150 million vehicles.

DRB acquired the assets and intellectual property of NoPileups in 2018 to complement its line of point-of-sale and tunnel technology solutions for the conveyorized car wash market.

In addition to DRB’s technology, NPU can run with other point-of-sale systems and tunnel controllers. To see NoPileups in action, request a demo at https://www.drbsystems.com/npu/