During 2017, charities, schools, and other nonprofits raised over $684,000 through the Autobell® Car Wash Fundraising Program. Launched in 1998, the program has assisted nonprofits in raising more than $9 million over the ensuing 20 years.

Popular for its simplicity and as an environmentally friendly option, Autobell provides 501(c)(3) groups with $20 gift cards that do not expire and are redeemable at all Autobell locations in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland. Nonprofits sell the cards at full price and keep 50 percent of the proceeds.

“We’re honored to be able to provide so many nonprofits over the last two decades an uncomplicated and effective method for reaching their fundraising goals," stated Autobell CEO Chuck Howard. “This program eliminates the need for organizers to plan and execute a parking lot car wash or other large-scale fundraiser. And since all Autobell locations treat 100 percent of the wash water used and recycle up to 100 percent, organizers can be confident they’re encouraging supporters to utilize the most eco-conscious process for washing their cars."

Nonprofits interested in the Autobell Car Wash Fundraising Program should visit autobell.com for more information or call 1-800-582-8096.