New Jersey Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee recently passed A2612, an act requiring Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) disclosure to new car buyers. Automotive Oil Change Association member Jay Rosenthal, vice president of New Jersey Lubrication, testified before the committee in support of the measure, which aims to inform consumers that their warranty will not be voided by using non-branded parts or services. Rosenthal impressed upon the committee that the <I>2016 AOCA New Jersey Customer Warranty Rights Survey <P>demonstrates the only way to stop automakers and dealerships from tying warranty coverage to branded products and services is to empower consumers with knowledge of their MMWA rights through a mandatory measure like A2612.

According to Rosenthal, 65 percent of respondents to the AOCA survey had been told by an automobile dealership employee that they were required to use OEM parts and/or service to maintain warranty coverage, while 91 percent of respondents had not known about their MMWA rights before they took the survey.