Cincinnati, OH-based Hydro Systems, a provider of chemical dispensing and dosing solutions, has released its latest free white paper, “Coming Clean about Car Wash Equipment and Best Practices.” The white paper focuses on the rise of hyper concentrates and the dilution requirements that have emerged due to their adoption.

“From labor to chemicals to equipment, there are many factors that impact the profitability of in-bay and self-service car washes,” said Scott Campbell, global product manager at Hydro Systems. “Investing in reliable solutions that work alongside the numerous chemicals used in these environments can enhance cleanliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.”

Hydro’s white paper provides an outlook on the car wash industry in the United States, discusses the benefits of hyper concentrates, and highlights the need for accurate chemical dispensers. To help owners select the right equipment for their needs, it outlines various features and capabilities to look for before purchasing and installing dispensers.

“The car wash industry is a competitive market that requires owners and managers to continually evolve in order to grow,” added Campbell.

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