Car-Freshner Corporation has added three unique, fresh new fragrances to its iconic Little Trees Automotive Air Care Line. Pure Steel has a cool distinctive diamond plate design, offers a bright, masculine freshness combined with modern sophistication. Margarita combines a hint of fresh lime and the salty zing of a classic margaritaon the rocks. Sunberry Cooler brings a cool, refreshing splash of sweet berries. To provide consumers with a point-of-sale preview, all new Little Trees air freshener fragrances will feature scratch and sniff stickers. Pure Steel, Margarita, and Sunberry Cooler are available in 1-paks at 144 per master case; 3-paks at 96 per master case; and 6-paks at 24 per master case.

Car-Freshner Corporation,

21205 Little Tree Drive, Watertown, NY 13601.

(315) 788-6250.