An overnight success can sometimes be years in the making. Revive Auto Solutions will celebrate its one-year anniversary when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, but it has taken much more than 365 days of work to get it to where it is today.

Anthony Aguilar founded Revive Auto Solutions
in Janu
ary 2021.

Aguilar has trained with some of the biggest
names in detailing.
Revive’s word-of-mouth marketing approach has landed
jobs throughout the community.
Aguilar is a mainstay at local car shows and clubs.

Aguilar transformed his home garage into a professional
g bay.

No job is too big or too small.
Aguilar is the exclusive detailer of the War Eagles Air Museum.
A portion of the proceeds from every Revive detail is donated
to the El Paso Children’s Hospital.

The detailing upstart has had a rollercoaster first year in existence, going from struggling to find its place in the market to signing an exclusive deal to detail every vehicle in the War Eagles Air Museum. The story of Revive began much earlier, when owner/operator Anthony Aguilar was a freshly minted high school graduate enlisted in the Army.

During his first enlistment Aguilar was a light wheel vehicle mechanic where his childhood obsession with the automobile was further solidified. He learned how to work on vehicles and appreciate them for more than just a mode of transportation.

After being discharged from the Army he enrolled at the Universal Technical Institute to study automotive technology, while working part-time parking cars at the local Mercedes Benz dealership. When he wasn’t parking cars however, he would sneak off to the dealership’s detailing shop and watch the technicians and ask questions.

“I don’t know what it is about detailing, but it always interested me,” Aguilar says. “I became a mobile technician for them. I did that for about four years until I went back into the Army.”

Following his second tour in the armed forces, Aguilar slid right back into the automotive field responding to a job posting for Dent Wizard. He learned the ins and outs of paint-less dent repair, and eventually worked himself up to regional manager overseeing PDR, windshield chip repair, interior repairs, and many other car care tasks that would serve him well when he eventually struck out on this own. In addition to the supervisory experience, Aguilar was also introduced into the sales side of the business, helping to secure major accounts at some high-profile dealerships before deciding he wanted to make a change.

“I typed up my letter of resignation and handed it in,” Aguilar says of his decision to leave Dent Wizard. “I didn’t have a plan. I just knew I wanted to do something else. I had a passion for taking care of cars and wanted to do something in that area, but just wasn’t sure what.”

He found a local detailer on Instagram and reached out and started doing some work for him. While working for the mobile detailer he realized something while he was sweating it out in the 100-degree Texas heat — mobile detailing was tough. While he was learning plenty with his on-the-job training, he wanted more that simply being a set of hands. He wanted to establish himself as an expert in the field and the go-to-guy in the market for everything detail. To make that happen he was going to need to take his training to the next level and acquire the kind of knowledge and skills that would set him apart.

Aguilar started his professional detail training with a month and a half course at Costa Mesa, CA’s Ding King Training Institute, where he honed his skills on small dent repairs, windshield repair, ceramic coating, and paint correction.

“I learned a lot at Ding King,” he says. “The course came with everything, including the tools required to do the job, but I still felt that the detailing portion of the course was not enough for me.”

To quench his detailing knowledge thirst Aguilar turned to two of the biggest names in the detail training industry: Mel Craig and Renny Doyle. He completed the two detailing masters’ courses back-to-back starting with Doyle out in Big Bear, CA.

“That one week in Big Bear changed my life,” Aguilar says of his time training with Doyle at Detailing Success. “You learn so much when you go there, you discover that you really don’t know anything. I thought I knew about detailing because I watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos. In my mind I was YouTube certified and knew at all. Turns out I knew nothing. But by the end of the week, I had learned so much about myself, detailing, business, relationships, and life.”

Following up on his career-altering experience with Doyle, Aguilar spent some time with Craig to round out his skills and put a bow on his whirlwind detailing training experience.

“It was extremely technical,” Aguilar says about the training he received from Craig. “He also trained us on sales and how to interact with clients, which was really big for me as well. After I completed his training course, it was time to get to work.”

With a host of work and life experience under his belt, coupled with some of the best training available in the industry, Aguilar founded Revive Auto Solutions based out of El Paso, TX on January 1, 2021. But despite doing all of the training and groundwork required to succeed in this industry, the first few months of Revive’s existence couldn’t be described as anything but sluggish.

“I had a really, really slow start,” Aguilar says. “I was doing cars here and there, but it was maybe like one or two per week. They were small jobs, and I was really underbidding them. I was working for pennies on the dollar.”

But the new detailer was not deterred and remained committed to growing his business. He renovated his home-based detail operation, converting his garage into an impressive detail bay with epoxy flooring, professional lighting, and all the tools of the trade. In addition, he continued to interact with his community, building contacts at local car shows and other assorted community events, slowly but surely growing his detailing clientele.

Through word-of-mouth advertising and a commitment to providing his clients with the highest quality service Aguilar has built Revive into a thriving business in under a year.

Customers must now book two weeks in advance if they want to get their car detailed by Aguilar and his expertise continues to get noticed by the local detailing community. He regularly receives referrals from fellow detail professionals for ceramic coating work, which he considers to be his specialty.

Following a training and customer service playbook laid out by countless detailers before him, Aguilar has carved out a piece of his local market. His business continues to grow, and new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves.

Aguilar’s latest achievement was being named the exclusive detailer for the War Eagles Air Museum in Santa Teresa, NM. The not-for-profit museum is dedicated to collecting, restoring, and displaying historic aircraft from World War II and the Korean Conflict eras. The museum has 32 airplanes and more than 50 classic cars in its collection, and Aguilar has been tasked with detailing them all. Revive will detail one plane and one car each month until the entire collection has been cleaned and restored.

With an overflowing appointment book, a growing stable of high-end clients, and a recently secured gig at the air museum it has been an action packed first 365 days for Revive. As the calendar closes on its first year in existence the future looks bright for the “overnight” detailing success.


Name: Revive Auto Solutions

Owner/Operator: Anthony Aguilar

Founded: January 2021

Location: El Paso, TX

Concept: High-End Detailing and Paint Restoration

Specialty: Ceramic Coatings

Key Clients: War Eagles Air Museum & Tesla Electric