By 19 years of age, Brennen Seaman had become a successful entrepreneur as the owner/operator of Naples, FL-based Detailers of Naples. The business began several years ago with Seaman’s grassroots effort to serve the Naples community with high-end automobile detailing services. The team at Detailers of Naples provides their clientele with white-glove mobile and in-shop detailing services, restoring and maintaining luxurious vehicles and fleets to showroom-quality luster. In addition, the company has pioneered a subscription service business model for its mobile detailing — delighting customers with concierge-type services for a small monthly fee.

While serving detailing customers at their homes, Seaman uncovered a demand for luxury garage and home solutions. He discovered that his clients — who prefer private, exclusive service on their vehicles — also had a need for the same luxurious, white-glove service for their spacious garages, exteriors, driveways, and entertaining areas of their homes.

In response, Seaman has launched Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions. "As we’ve seen the luxury car garage niche continue to grow," says Seaman, "it’s required us to expand our staff and fleet." And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the company caught the attention of local private equity group, Accanito Capital Group. Seaman has also added a partner to Blue Diamond, joining forces with local businessman Alan Forbus, who has deep experience in high-growth company operations and specific expertise in luxury facility building and maintenance.

Together, Seaman and Forbus are bringing the subscription service business model to the Naples-area luxury garage and home solutions market, providing luxury garage spaces and upscale concierge home facilities services to discerning clientele that have invested heavily in their garages and homes. Already, many clients have taken the idea and extended the same theme of their luxury car garage to their private aircraft hangars and private high-end car storage.