The International Carwash Association (ICA) has announced that the Midwest Carwash Association (MCA), a regional association of car wash operators and suppliers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, has become a supporting partner of The Car Wash Show™, the world’s largest car wash convention and trade show. MCA previously hosted an annual trade show in Michigan and will now join the Automotive Oil Change Association and Western Carwash Association in exclusively endorsing The Car Wash Show.

“We are excited to welcome another partner into The Car Wash Show, and to be supporting the valuable role that regional associations play in the car wash industry,” said ICA CEO Eric Wulf. “Our goal is to collaborate with other associations in ways that best benefit our shared constituents — such as supporting their existing events or inviting them to support our own. Regardless of the scenario, what’s most important is aligning the programs with our complementary missions,” Wulf said.

"Today we celebrate an MCA that is now stronger than ever,” said Joseph Chatel, MCA president. “Our loyal members now have the power to enjoy a networking association with their regional peers, all the while enjoying an international association with some of the industry’s best players. We promised a stronger and better-than-ever MCA. Today we achieved one big step toward that goal. I look forward to seeing all our MCA members in San Antonio this spring for The Car Wash Show 2020!"

In addition to special meeting opportunities for MCA members at The Car Wash Show, every MCA member will be receiving a full subscription of <I>CAR WASH Magazine <P>with a new insert of MCA news and information. In addition, the two organizations will be working to identify new opportunities for education, networking, and car wash touring in the mid-western states.

MCA becomes the eighth association to join ICA in supporting The Car Wash Show, Car Wash Show Australia, Car Wash Show China, or Car Wash Show Europe. The Car Wash Show returns to San Antonio, TX April 6-8. For more information, visit