International award-winning leadership expert and celebrated speaker, Mark Denton, is this year’s Northeast Regional Carwash Convention’s keynote speaker. Denton, who has competed in countless races and sailed more than 80,000 miles across the worlds’ most hostile oceans, is an expert on navigating turbulent waters in life and business.
His keynote will draw on his 20-plus years of consulting while helping some of the world’s greatest organizations reshape their cultures and improve their resilience, especially in times of disruption and change. “Mark is an incredible speaker and presenter, and his story will resonate with our audience,” said Bob Rossini, NRCC 2023 chairman. “His shear courage and will to overcome incredible odds, while working in a team environment, is nothing short of inspiring. This will be another “must see” keynote at the NRCC.”
Denton will speak about his teams’ three values while racing: safety, happiness, and speed and how they relate to everyday life and business.
His message, that “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things,” will resonate throughout his keynote.
To get a taste of Denton’s keynote, click on the video clip at His keynote is Tuesday, October 3, at the Atlantic City Convention Center. You can register at now. For additional
questions call (800) 868-8590.​