MacNeil Wash Systems, a Ryko Solutions company, has announced the assignment of U.S. Patent No. 8,621,707 for its new PowerLock, a lightweight energy-saving air valve that allows dryers to operate continuously while preventing air flow between vehicles and minimizing peak load charges. This results in increased energy efficiency and a dramatic cut in kilowatt-hour charges.

The PowerLock incorporates sound-deadening materials that provide a cost-effective way to significantly reduce the sound generated by car wash dryers, resulting in a healthier and quieter car wash environment. When equipped with automatic sensing technology, the PowerLock engages instantaneously to either delay or eliminate drying for pick-up beds or soft-top convertibles, resulting in a safer, cleaner tunnel and increased customer satisfaction.

The PowerLock features all-aluminum construction and stainless steel and UHMW glide surfaces, allowing it to withstand the harsh car wash environment.