MacNeil Wash Systems, a Ryko Solutions company, has introduced the MacNeil Carwash Configurator, a software-based virtual simulator that enables prospective car wash investors to visualize their dream of either an express or full-service tunnel.

Developed exclusively for MacNeil distributors and sales associates, the state-of-the-art configurator allows clients to build and customize both three-dimensional perspective and plan-view layouts of a car wash tunnel with a simple series of clicks and drag-and-drop movements. The future owner-operator can move various components of the wash into place and expand and contract the tunnel based on planned space availability. For international customers there is the ability to align right- and/or left-hand layouts to accommodate driver-directional patterns.

Integral to the new tool is an “overlap” feature, which creates an internal proof of the tunnel rendering to root out any design flaws or tunnel configuration errors so that they can be easily edited. Upon completion, the tunnel illustrations can be exported in a color jpeg format and immediately handed or e-mailed to the client for other uses, such as obtaining financial approvals. The program has been designed to allow distributors to place orders directly from the software application, rendering the sales process more efficient.