LUV Car Wash has completed the rebranding of all its Las Vegas locations and recently closed on another car wash in the market. The LUV team also added equipment and improvements in-tunnel to meet the LUV standard of a clean, dry, and shiny car.

All locations in the Las Vegas area are now branded under the LUV name. Plus, the company acquired Foamy’s at 5730 S. Jones Blvd. in Las Vegas. LUV transformed the Foamy’s location into a LUV-branded site, with this location now utilizing the latest technology, including a belt-drive conveyor and a license-plate-recognition system. This site brings LUV’s Las Vegas market total to six locations, with a seventh location slated to open in late September at 7427 Rainbow Blvd.

“Las Vegas was the first market that we rebranded, and we have been thrilled with how the sites have turned out,” said CEO Darren Skarecky. “We are looking forward to continuing to rebrand all our sites in each of the markets we operate in across the country.”

LUV currently has 59 operating car washes throughout Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Savannah, GA, with additional locations in the pipeline. For more information, visit