LUV Car Wash has announced that it acquired a total of 10 car washes from Scrubbles in Jacksonville, FL. Four of those locations are currently open with six additional car washes in development and projected to open over the next 12 months.

“We launched our platform with washes all along the east coast of Florida into Savannah, GA, so Jacksonville is a strategic market for us that we plan to grow in a big way,” said LUV Car Wash co-founder and CEO Darren Skarecky.

In a separate statement, the company announced the acquisition of eight car washes from Wash N Go in San Diego and El Centro, CA, including a car wash in development in Calexico. This deal marks the brand’s first car wash locations in the city and the second acquisition in California. The company has driven unprecedented growth with 50 locations in less than six months. Last year, LUV made its California debut in Los Angeles where it currently has five locations. The company expects to have over 55 locations throughout the SoCal region over the next three years through both acquisitions and new-build developments.