Istobal, the Spanish company specializing in car wash and car care solutions for the automotive industry, is supporting collaboration between Purdue University (Indiana) — famous for its aeronautical school — and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in the construction of a Hyperloop prototype. It is a revolutionary means of transport for passengers and goods powered by 100 percent renewable energy that will allow travel at more than 683 mph.

Named “Atlantic II” for the transatlantic collaboration between the universities, the prototype has been selected from 300 projects by universities from all over the world to participate in Hyperloop Pod Competition II, organized by the American aerospace company SpaceX. The competition will take place August 25-27 in California.

Istobal is one of the sponsors of the only Spanish team participating in the contest. The team’s efforts are aimed at building a vehicle that can travel as fast as possible on the test track, but one that can safely stop before reaching the end. The company believes it is important to continue supporting talent in universities and to back young people’s work focused on innovation and research through revolutionary projects like this one, which can transform transport in the future.