Istobal has redesigned its brand to support its expansion plan for the coming years which includes, as goals, international growth, high technology focused on product quality and reliability, and being close to consumers with efficient solutions and a pleasant user experience.

"The main challenge ahead is to be able to adapt to technological changes; our efforts are focused on interfaces, communications, and connectivity to improve the user experience," said Yolanda Tomás, the company’s CEO for product development and marketing.

Being close to end users to identify their needs and improve their car wash experience is the third key axis for the company to continue growing.

In this regard, Tomás stressed that "the company’s new mission and new values are reflected in the corporate image change and the concise but strong message we want to get through to all of our audiences: Istobal is at your side, caring for your car.”

With the new corporate image, Istobal seeks to give prominence to the brand name, identifying the design with its corporate values. Thus, red features as the typical color for the company and blue has been replaced by silver as a symbol of innovation, avant-garde, and technology. The type used is also more contemporary, transmitting flexibility, growth, and expansion. The tagline — Vehicle Wash & Care — has also been kept, representing business excellence.