FLEX5 Extended Height.

ISTOBAL USA will attend The Car Wash Show in Nashville, TN. From May 9-11, ISTOBAL USA will exhibit the new FLEX5 Extended Height rollover at booth 2415. This machine wasdesigned to maximize a facility’s wash range and to offer an automatic wash for vehicles too large for standard in-bay automatic equipment. The FLEX5 Extended Heightrollover has the same attributes as the standard FLEX5 in-bay automatic — great versatility, flexibility, high washing speeds, chemical efficiency, and water savings.

With a wash height of 9.5 feet, the FLEX5 Extended Height rollover can wash both standard height and taller vehicles including high-roof cargo vans, raised trucks, and ambulances. The ability to provide an automatic wash to a wider range of vehicles drastically increases a car wash facility’s potential market.

Just like the standard ISTOBAL FLEX5, the Extended Height machine can also transform from three to five brushes (or vice versa) and can be configured as a hybrid model (by adding high pressure to the machine), as a combo option (allowing customers to choose the wash they want: friction with three or five brushes, touch free, or a combination of both), and as a touchless rollover.

ISTOBAL USA will also exhibit an innovative car wash solution that boosts revenue with minimal investment: the Express On Rails (EOR).

Aimed at car washes, convenience stores, and other facilities looking to boost their sales, the ISTOBAL Express On Rails increases the throughput of an in-bay automatic 1.5 times, combining the revenue enhancing features of a mini-tunnel with the reliability, efficiency, and wash performance of all ISTOBAL in-bay automatics. More economical to install than a mini-tunnel, it operates without requiring on-site labor.