According to TouchPoints, “72 percent of [Instagram] users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram.” In addition, Instagram has the most influence on users’ spending habits when compared to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. It makes sense that so many brands and companies feel the need to jump on Instagram; they want to get in front of an audience that’s ready to make purchases. 


We love to use Instagram to connect with customers and clients. Instagram may also be a good tool for marketing your car wash business. Before you create an account or invest time into the platform, there are a few things that you should consider:

Your Marketing Goals and Objectives

Before you begin posting on any social media platform, you need to understand why you are doing it. Your goal may be to increase brand awareness. Or, your goal may be to reach new customers. You will need to define specific goals and objectives for your business before taking action. 

Instagram feed example.

Your Target Audience

The majority of users on Instagram are ages 18-34 according to Statista. If those ages are not in your target audience, then Instagram may not be the platform to invest your time in. If those ages are in your target group, then analyze other factors of your audience demographic in comparison with Instagram’s user reports.

Your Time

Maintaining a consistent social media presence is important. Consider how much time you have to manage social media so that you can create a content plan that works for you. 


If Instagram aligns with your goals, audience, and time, then you are ready for the next step: building your profile. Here are a few tips that you can utilize whether you are starting from scratch or editing an existing profile:

Have a Clear Username

Most likely, you will want to make your username the same as your car wash name or business name.

Have a Clear Profile Picture

You probably will want to use a high-quality image of your logo.

Make Sure Your Account Is Set up as a “Business Account”

This gives you access to additional features that other profiles do not have. For example, you can access insights, the Professional Dashboard, and advertising tools.

Instagram profile example.

Utilize All the Characters Available in Your Name Field

Your name field is separate from your username. Yet, both your username and name field are used by Instagram’s search results. It could aid your searchability if you put your location in your name field along with your brand name. If the keywords “car wash” are not in your business name, you may also want to include those here.

Have a Clear and Concise Bio

Consider who you are, what you do, and how you do it; include a snippet of this in your bio. Also, include a call to action like “call us” or “visit us today.”

Link to Your Website

Include a website link, or if you do not have a website, include a link to another social media page. This is a clickable space on your profile that you should utilize.

Utilize Contact Buttons

Plug in your phone number, e-mail, and web address on your Instagram page. Contact buttons in your profile make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you.

Instagram contact button example.


After refining your account, you are ready to post. But, what should you post? Many social media experts suggest posting content that fits into the following content pillars: entertain, educate, inspire, and promote. You should not just simply sell. Social media is, at its core, social. You will need to create a community and encourage engagement with your posts. 

On Instagram, there are a variety of content formats for video and images. Here’s a breakdown of the formats:

Single Images

This is your typical, static, in-feed post. It’s just one image and a caption.


These are very similar to single images. Carousels are static, in-feed posts that contain more than one image. These posts can be great for engagement since they make interested viewers scroll through them to see more. This is a great format if you have infographics to share or lots of visuals. Before-and-after car wash carousels can also make for engaging content.


These are the short-form videos that you will commonly see on Instagram. These can be entertaining when you use trending sounds in a way that applies to your brand. If you want to expand your reach, this is the type of content to create. Yet, you should not invest all of your time into reels. You should still create single image and carousel posts too that nurture your current audience. 


While stories disappear after 24 hours, they are still valuable to create. They offer a space where you can get to know your audience and where they can get to know you. Stories can help you to build trust and community. While you don’t have to post every single day on social media, it can be beneficial to check in with your stories once a day. Stories can keep your audience engaged and following along.


If you do not want your stories to disappear after 24 hours you can store them in your highlights. Word of caution: be selective of what you choose to display in your highlights. Your highlights should not hold anything and everything that you have ever posted. You should have clear labels on your highlights so that a new visitor to your page can easily understand them. Highlights allow you the opportunity to feature specific things about your business.

Instagram highlights example.


We reviewed why you should get on Instagram, how to build your profile for success, and what to post, yet there are still some FAQs that need to be addressed:

How Often Should I Post on Instagram?

Frequency is different for everyone. How often you post is first dependent on the time that you have to dedicate to digital marketing. The key is consistency. Quality is more valued over quantity on Instagram. If time allows, a story post a day is great as well as five in-feed posts (in varied formats).

Can I Buy Instagram Likes and Followers?

Sure, you can, but it most likely will not help you or your business goals. Fake likes and followers can make your page “look good,” but they do nothing for your bottom line. Organically earning likes and followers will take time, but the ROI is better.

How Do I Get More Instagram Followers?

You have to post consistently and provide value to your audience for it to grow. Simple as that: provide value and incentive for people to follow along.

How Do I Make My Instagram Feed More Aesthetic? 

People can sometimes get so caught up in perfection that it keeps them from even posting on Instagram; do not let this happen to you. If you stick to your brand colors and your overall branding, you will be able to create a feed that is appealing to the eye. Canva is a great tool for creating content that looks clean and nice.

If you get on the “gram” after reading this, let us know @BlueDolphinCarWashTech. We look forward to connecting with you and seeing your content.

Megan Roshak, is marketing coordinator for Blue Dolphin Car Wash Technology LLC. You can reach her at