Kleen-Rite Corp.

Columbia, Pennsylvania

Kleen-Rite Corp. is a car wash industry supplier. Customers enjoy wholesale pricing and a great selection of car wash equipment, parts, pumps, car care products, towels, soaps, and more. High-quality detailing and pressure washing products are also available.

What’s News/Best Seller •Blue Magic Car Care Vending and Retail Products.

Advantages/Features •Blue Magic offers a complete line of fast-selling car care products for car wash vending. Blue Magic vending items include: leather/vinyl care, tire shine, glass cleaner, headlight restoration, and more. Retail products like sprays, polishes, and creams are also available. Kleen-Rite carries a wide selection of Blue Magic products sold in bulk at low distributor prices.

Contact •Kleen-Rite Corp.,
P.O. Box 886,
Columbia, PA 17512.
Toll free: (800) 233-3873.
Fax: (717) 684-7798.
E-mail: sales@kleenrite.com.
Website: www.kleenrite.com.


Westampton, New Jersey

Weego is a brand of portable power products including compact, lightweight lithium-ion jump starters for cars, trucks, ATVs, and more. Founded in 2014 by Paris Corporation, Weego has received awards in product innovation and branding excellence in consumer electronics, auto, outdoor, marine, powersports, and office supply channels.

What’s New/Best Seller • N44s Jump Starter.

Advantages/Features •The N44s Jump Starter is rugged, purpose-built, and compact – no bigger than most cell phones. The product can start boats, motorcycles, and almost all of the cars and trucks on the road today. Building on the success of its popular N22s the new jump-starting power pack features the very latest in power management and delivers nearly 50 percent more power at the same low price. Users can get more than a year of standby power on a single charge and enjoy reliable operation for 1,000 charging cycles. While lead-acid batteries drain at a much faster rate, the lithium technology of the Weego 44s offers a much longer charge retention.

Contact •Weego, Paris Corporation,
800 Highland Drive,
Westampton, NJ 08060.
(609) 265-9200.
Fax: (609) 261-4853.
Website: www.myweego.com.


Irvine, California

Meguiar’s has been making premium formulas for every automotive surface for decades. It is constantly refining its formulas to deliver quick results with the latest technology and innovation.

What’s New/Best Seller •Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax.

Advantages/Features •The Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax expands on Meguiar’s proprietary, Hybrid Ceramic technology. Thetwo-step system is made up of two separate liquids that include a Hybrid Ceramic Wash and a Hybrid Ceramic SiO2Boost. For those looking to achieve the ultimate car wash and extreme water beading protection, simply mix the two components in a standard bucket and get ready to wash.During washing, the Ceramic Wash works to foam and lift dirt for gentle cleaning, while the Ceramic SiO2Boost is a wax additive that creates instant, extreme water beading protection. This wash and wax process leaves behind a slick finish on the paint, making drying the vehicle’s exterior easy.

Contact • Meguiar’s,
17991 Mitchell South,
Irvine, CA 92614.
Toll free: (800) 347-5700.
Website: www.meguiars.com.

Towels by Doctor Joe

Columbia, Pennsylvania

Towels by Doctor Joe is the source for high-quality towels of all types, including: microfiber, cotton, surgical-huck, vending, specialized, glass towels, and more. Doctor Joe also provides car washes with environmental spill-control products required by OSHA and the EPA wherever there is a threat of oil or chemical spills.

What’s New/Best Seller •Ultra-42 Black Express Exterior Towels.

Advantage/Features •The 16” x 16” Black Express Exterior Towels balance quality and economy. They are affordable while still being effective for body drying, cleaning door wells, and a variety of detailing tasks. Their low cost means you can go through a lot of them without breaking the bank — either by employee use or as an impulse item purchase.

Price •$69.12 for a case of 192 towels.

Contact •Towels by Doctor Joe, Kleen-Rite Corp.,
P.O. Box 886,
Columbia, PA 17512.
Toll free: (800) 233-3873.
Fax: (717) 684-7798.
E-mail: sales@kleenrite.com.
Website: www.kleenrite.com.


Jacksonville, Florida

Cork Industries has been an industry leader in the formulation of sustainable chemistry since 1980. The Wheel-eez division provides a line of eco-friendly, non-corrosive, cost efficient wheel cleaning products to the car wash industry.

What’s News/Best Seller • Wheel-eez Detail Pro Non-Corrosive Wheel Cleaner.

Advantages/Features • Detail Pro is now available in pint-size bottles. Wheel-eez Detail Pro removes grease and dirt and effectively and safely cleans all wheel types in just a few minutes. The product is non-corrosive and prevents etching even with rough cast alloy wheels. Ultra safe for use on uncoated and polished aluminum, chrome, painted, anodized, and powder coated wheels. Just wet the surface with water, hand spray evenly and within two minutes dirt, grime, and even the worst greasy brake dust will be loosened. Perfect for high-end sports cars and custom wheels with tough to remove brake dust.

Price • Call for quote.

Contact • Wheel-eez,
5555 W. Beaver St.,
Jacksonville, FL 32254.
(904) 695-2400.
Toll free: (800) 355-2675.
E-mail: bobk@wheeleez.com.
Website: www.RemovesUgly.com.

Superior Products

South Roxana, Illinois

Superior Products manufactures high quality detail and car wash chemicals at affordable pricing. Superior Products is a family owned business and is proud to offer cleaners that are 100 percent made in the USA.

What’s New/Best Seller • Cover All Tire Dressing.

Advantages/Features • Cover All is a solvent based high gloss tire dressing with a rich vanilla scent. The durable formula is water repellant for a long-lasting shine. Just spray and walk away.

Contact • Superior Products,
6962 HWY 111,
South Roxana, IL 62087.
Toll free: (800) 779-8826.
Fax: (618) 254-7421.
Website: www.superiorproducts.com.

Texas Microfiber Incorporated

Carrollton, Texas

Texas Microfiber manufactures high quality, scratch- and lint-free microfiber cloths and cotton towels for professional car care companies for drying, cleaning, and polishing. Texas Microfiber delivers quality factory-direct products nationwide.

What’s New/Best Seller • Soft Waffle Weave Microfiber Automotive Cloths.

Advantages/Features • Absorbent and scratch-free oversize cloths with a dishtowel feel at 400GSM are absorbent and durable. The towels provide a lint-free finish and can be used for both wipe downs and detailing. No need to buy multiple towels — customers can achieve their goals with one. The 16” x 24” towels are available in blue, red, light green, light blue, and grey.

Price • $1.50 each.

Contact • Texas Microfiber Inc.,
2515 Tarpley Road #118,
Carrollton, TX 75006.
Toll free: (800) 742-2913.
Fax: (214) 810-9563.
E-mail: orders@texasmicrofiber.com.
Website: www.texasmicrofiber.com.

Superior Car Wash Supply

Memphis, Tennessee

Superior Car Wash Supply specializes in providing car accessories, air fresheners, floor mats, vending items, gifts, novelties, and other impulse items for the car wash lobby. The company’s strong reputation and buying power allows it to offer a variety of items at competitive prices.

What’s News/Best Seller • Armor All Original Sponge Packs.

Advantages/Features • The sponge packs deliver Armor All Original Protectant’s proven protection and shine with the convenience of a disposable sponge. The meticulously engineered sponge delivers extraordinary results — good enough for the most discerning detailers and show car owners.

Price • $47.50 per box.

Contact • Superior Car Wash Supply,
4678 Distribution Dr. #108,
Memphis, TN 38141.
Toll free: (800) 554-9274.
Website: www.superiorcarwashsupply.com.