The International Car Wash Group (ICWG), the world’s largest car wash company, has announced the acquisition of four Goo Goo Express Carwash franchisee sites. This includes three locations in Rome, GA and one location in Chattanooga, TN, bringing the ICWG Southeast regional brand to a total of 54 locations.

The Chattanooga site opened in 2004 and the three in Rome starting in 2014. The wash sites were an extension of the Dulaney family’s long history of being car wash pioneers. Brian and Barry Dulaney’s uncle, Lamar Beck, started the original Goo Goo Express Car Wash brand with a quality-customer-service focus. Longtime operators of full- and self-serve washes, they opted for a Goo Goo franchise when they decided to enter the express market.

“We look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship with Brian with respect to continuity of customer service and car wash innovation in the Southeast on both the Goo Goo regional brand and ICWG’s other U.S. brands in the eastern region,” said Jeff Maize, senior vice president of ICWG.