The International Carwash Association (ICA) has announced that, beginning in 2015, the Western Carwash Association (WCA) will become a partner and participant in The Car Wash Show, the world’s largest car wash convention and trade show. With this change, WCA will no longer host its own independent trade show.

“WCA has been a valued partner in our WaterSavers program since 2009, and this step further strengthens the relationship between our organizations,” said ICA CEO Eric Wulf. “The Western Car Wash Show is the longest continuously running car wash show with a very loyal following. We look forward to welcoming their members to The Car Wash Show in 2015.”

Brad Hooper, president of the WCA, explained that this decision was about more than just trade shows, but part of a larger strategic transformation. “With The Car Wash Show being held within our region (Las Vegas) most years, this decision provides our members with an even larger show, without offering a competing show. WCA is most impactful at the regional and local level, helping operators with networking, advocacy, and learning opportunities,” he said. “Entering into this agreement with ICA allows us to participate financially in The Car Wash Show, which gives us additional opportunities to expand our focus locally and bring new added value to our members.” Specifically, WCA plans to expand its number of regional members meetings, road shows, and networking events throughout the twelve western states.

Wulf added that trade shows were a significant undertaking, requiring serious resources from vendors. “By consolidating shows, we can reduce a substantial amount of vendors’ expenses in the form of marketing, planning, freight, drayage, travel, entertainment, and exhibit space fees — not to mention the soft costs such as organizational planning and mindshare,” he said.