The International Carwash Association has announced the release of its latest Car Wash Consumer Research Study — an effort to determine consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding professional car washing. The findings of the 2019 edition of the study are available as an executive summary, as well as detailed additional packages, which for the first time ever include reports and data sets customized by wash type or region.

Some of the questions the study sets out to answer include:

  • How has the mix of home vs. professional car washing changed?
  • What do consumers most value in car wash services?
  • What would make consumers want to wash (or wash more often) at a professional car wash?
  • What factors influence consumer preference for one wash over another?

The study, as a complete package, is available at $950. This includes the full executive summary, featuring detailed analysis of all findings from the research plus the complete data set and breakdown of all research. The full executive summary, featuring a detailed analysis of all findings from the research, can be purchased for $450. A report package by wash type costs $750. This includes an executive summary analyzing the findings from the wash type, plus the data set for that wash type. A data by region package, the data report for the chosen U.S. region, is available at $500.